As of July 29, 2010, new rules have been added to make all tours smoother and easier for you guys, and easier for us too. If you are not willing to cooperate, you are out of all tours.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

About IBT

About IBT:
International Book Tours (IBT) is a international book tour blog to help promote authors and their books.

Our Mission:
To promote books INTERNATIONALLY and to give international readers access to these books and help the YA market grow globally. IBT wants to help spread word about authors (new or existing) and their books. We want authors to get as much buzz and publicity as possible.This book tour site will also help minimize the excessive amount of copies/ARC's being used for bloggers.

How A Tour Works:
A tour will consist of one copy of the book. Sometimes, it can be two or three copies, it really depends. The book/ARC will be sent out from one blogger to another through air mail/FedEx. It is the participant's responsibility to take care of the book, send the book on time, and of course, read the book on time. Since this tour is international, the maximum capacity of a tour is 10 people. We cannot stress enough that the limit is 10 people per tour. There are chances were the book could get lost, damaged, etc.. In the end, the decision of what to do with the book will be emailed to the last participant.

How To Enter/Participate in a tour:
Once the tour is posted, the blogger may participate. If they do, they must comment on the post. They comment with their name, what country they live in, and of course their email. Once they comment, they are committing to read the book and send it in a timely manner. Now, the IBT administrator or assistant will put all the bloggers in a random generator and will pick only 10 people. Those 10 people will be the participants for the tour.

International reviewers get first priority over US and Canadian reviewers...sorry! Publishers don't send internationally and that's our main goal here. We aren't trying to be racist or anything, we just want international reviewers to get equal opportunity as those in the US or Canada.

What IBT is looking for:
This book tour is mostly focusing on Young Adult. We sometimes will accept requests that are middle grade or adult fiction, but it will be very rare. Right now, we just want young adult novels in the tour.

What IBT is NOT looking for:
Currently, we are not accepting non-fiction and memoirs.

How to donate a book to the tour:
If a blogger/publisher/publicist/author is willing to send their book internationally, then please email us at or fill out the Donate A Book form.


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