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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One-Book Tour: Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White

Title: Forget-Her-Nots
Author: Amy Brecount White
Pages: 384
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: March 2, 2010

DONATED BY: Amy Brecount White! (Thank you!)
Something—some power—is blooming inside Laurel. She can use flowers to do things. Like bringing back lost memories. Or helping her friends ace tests. Or making people fall in love.
Laurel suspects her newfound ability has something to do with an ancient family secret, one that her mother meant to share with Laurel when the time was right. But then time ran out.
Clues and signs and secret messages seem to be all around Laurel at Avondale School, where her mother had also boarded as a student. Can Laurel piece everything together quickly enough to control her power, which is growing more potent every day? Or will she set the stage for the most lovestruck, infamous prom in the history of the school?

Tour is open INTERNATIONALLY. There are only 10 available spots. Link your reviews below if you have read and reviewed the book. Here's the tour:
  1. Jennifer- Philippines- Rec: 4/15. Mail by: 4/22
  2. Sheree- Australia Rec: 4/27. Mail by: 5/4
  3. Alaine- Australia-Mailed : 6/14
  4. Rebecca- New Zealand - Rec:7/15 Mailed:7/20
  5. Nina- The Netherlands - Rec:8/01 Mailed 8/11
  6. Mari- Norway Rec:8/17 Mailed:8/24
  7. Sarah- England - Rec:8/31 Mailed:9/13
  8. Sasha- England - Rec:9/27 Mailed:10/5
  9. Laurie-USA - Rec:10/14 ---

Edit: Lynsey Newton was on the list, but since she got a copy, I replaced her with Laurie.
We will be updating and editing this post every time a person gets a book.

When you link your review, link it straight to your review and for the 'Name:' part, just put in your blog name. Thanks!


Jenn-ay said...

Name: Jennifer (or Jenn-ay on my blog)

email: jennay1221(at)gmail(dot)com

country: Philippines

I love this blog idea!!!

Rebecca said...

Name : Rebecca

email :

Country: New Zealand

This is one that I really want to read!

Nina said...

Wow, this book sounds amazing!

Name : Nina
Country: The Netherlands

GABY said...

Name: Maria Guajardo
Country: Venezuela

Jo said...

This book sounds amazing!

Name: Jo

Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com

Country: England, UK

Sarah said...

I love the sound of this one - sounds completely different to anything I've read before :o)

Sarah, sarahsreviews at ymail dot com, England

Ladybug said...

Crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky 10 here!

Name: Mari

Email: ladybug at bluezone dot no

Country: Norway

Sasha said...

Name: Sasha


Country: England, UK

This is such a great tour :)

Lynsey Newton said...

Sounds great, definitely want to read this one.
Lynsey, UK,

Teddyree said...

Would love to read this one


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I'd love to read this one as well.


Laurie T said...

If you can put me in I'd love to read this.


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