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Friday, March 26, 2010

Want to be added?

There are some tours that have less than five participants, some only have two! We want the book to be used for as much as people possible (tongue twister there, eh?:). Some of the tours that lack participants are already closed, but some are not. The tours that we would like to have more participants are:
If you would like to participate, click on the link, and comment. Don't mind the "Sign Ups closed" sign. We really need more participants, especially in Out of Shadows and The Ring since they are four-book tours and three-book tours. Remember, for those two tours, shipping will be much cheaper because we will be splitting up the books for each country/continent.

Happy reading to all,


Anonymous said...

I just noticed that all of those books are already released, so maybe that's why you're having trouble getting people to sign up for them?

If a book is already released then it would be easier to just get it from the library or even just go out and buy it (which wouldn't cost much more than shipping internationally for a book tour would - and you'd have your own copy).

ARC tours are awesome, but tours for books that are already out is almost pointless given that it'd be easier (and possibly cheaper) to just buy/borrow the book and you wouldn't have the hassel of shipping it to someone else or the time limit on how fast you need to read it or the waiting weeks for the book to get to you.

I mean, it's fine having tours for them, I'm just thinking the fact they're already released might be part of the reason people aren't signing up. :)

Holly said...

I'd be interested in joining but I live in Australian and can only send within my country...

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