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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are getting a bit worried that most of the books are lost! If you go to our Book Locations page, (2) out of (11) tours have the book in someone's possession, this means, that (9) out of (11) tours, the book is still somewhere in the mail! Either in the air plane, being sorted, or maybe, even, has arrived in someone's house already, I don't know! I understand that it can take months for someone to receive a book, but I have a feeling that some of you guys already did receive the book, and just not emailed me that you have received it.

Here is how the Book Locations page looks like:

My Invented Life - Kathrin mailed to Maria (not received)

Shade- Alaine mailed to Cherry (not received)

Rising Shadow- Mari mailed to Keysha (not received)

Sing Me To Sleep USA/CANADA- Alyssa mailed to Maura (not received)
International- Sharline mailed to Maria.\ (not received)

Taken By Storm
USA/Canada- Laura mailed to Gabby (not received)
International- Amanda Lee mailed to Erika. (not received)

Leaving Gee's Bend
- Cat mailed to Keysha (not received)

My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters- Amanda-Lee mailed to Maria (not received)

Chasing Brooklyn - Laurie mailed to Leah (not received)

Impossible- Nina mailed to Mari (not received)

Swoon At Your Own Risk
- Maria

Shadow Hills - Maura

I've emailed all the people who SHOULD be receiving books, and A LOT of you guys never replied back, especially Maria! I've emailed you (3) times since (3) books are on your way, and I haven't been getting any replies, I'm getting a bit worried to all of you guys! Please, please, please email me at to update me where the books are! I need to know ASAP! Thank you!



Precious said...

Oh, this is a problem. I hope the books are just delayed and not lost.

Sarah said...

I think international postage can take 2-3 weeks depending on where it's going from & to. Fingers crossed that means most of these books are still slowly making their way to their next destination! I hope none of them have been lost

lanna-lovely said...

It would probably work better if you arranged it so that a person only has one book being sent to them at a time - like, you said three are on their way to Maria and if she never emails you back then she could end up with three books and then not contacting you again.

Another thing, with the way you arrange the books, I've noticed that the arrangement of the places they go to will sometimes make it take longer. Like the Shadow Hills tour for example:

# Rhiana- UK
# Mari- Norway
# Anja- Germany
# Lanna- UK, Scotland
# Sasha- UK

Having Rhiana send it out of the UK only for it to come back again takes longer - grouping all the UK ones together would be quicker (like, if I sent a letter to England today, it could get there by tomorrow but it could take one to two weeks to post to Norway). So if you put Rhiana after Anja then it would be faster.

It's the same with the Restoring Harmony tour:

# Sarah- England
# Kathrin- Germany
# Lanna- Scotland

You have the book going out of the UK then back to the UK again (also in that tour the book goes from Mexico to the Phillipines to the USA, when it would be quicker to have it going from Mexico to the USA or USA to Mexico).

...This is just a suggestion btw, because you're mentioning problems with books getting lost, it would be easier to keep track of them and when they should be arriving places if the tours were arranged so that the book was travelling to the places closest to each other before leaving the country/continent and coming back again.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Books) said...

^^ This is a really good point. On the 'Guardian of the dead tour' I am mailing the book to England - it then has to go to Germany and Greece before coming back to the UK again. You guys would save a lot of time if the person I was mailing it to in England could send it to the next person in the UKand then onto Germany & Greece. This would definitely speed up the process.

MarceJ said...

That is a lot of 'no contact', that is a shame. I agree that international takes a minimum of 10 days but could easily be 20.

I agree with the coordinator trying to choose the countries that are closer, in time you will have scequence.

Ladybug said...

Lanna has some great advice there I think :) One learn a lot along the way.

I'm sad to hear that so many doesn't reply to your emails, because I really love it that you guys have started up these international tours.

Oh, and if some people never responds then I suggest that you skip them for the rest of the tours they have entered. At least till you figure out what is going on, or there can suddendly be one person sitting their with a bunch of new books with no intention of passing them along to the next reader.

GABY said...

Hi! I'm Maria and really, I don't have all the books!!


- My Invented Life - Kathrin mailed to me
- Sing Me To Sleep - Sharline mailed to me
- My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters - Amanda-Lee mailed to me

I've been waiting for them (about 15 days) please don't take me as if I haven't been responding! T_T


- Swoon At Your Own Risk - To Kathrin, in Germany (Received: 8 april, Sent: 14 april -today --> I already sent you an email)

Leanna (Daisy Chain Books) said...

It's true that postage in Europe can sometimes be slow. We have a lot of postal strikes over here too!

Rhiana said...

Lanna raises a good point and I have no objection at being moved back if you want to do that!

porcelaine said...

Hi, I've been in contact with Mavie and she knows I've received Taken By Storm, so I question how up to date that list is? I've also sent another note in her direction regarding my second book.

It would really help if we were able to post this information on the site to prevent unintentional oversights.


IBT Founder said...


I've shuffled up the Shadow Hills tour and Restoring Harmony tour. Thanks to all your feedback and opinions. If you check those tours, the order has changed. To Maria, I've emailed you already.

IBT Coordinator / Founder

porcelaine said...

Hi Mavie,

Thanks for the update. I think the Book Location area should be altered a tad. Having an overview on the first page is fine, but there should be respective links for each tour, allowing its participants to include the received and mailed date. If you create a short form via Google Docs you'll have an up to date snapshot of every group right at your fingertips.


Jacquelyn Wheeler said...

Hi Mavie,

I noticed that Rising Shadow showed up in Keysha's In My Mailbox post and that she's posting her status on it on Goodreads, so RS appears to be accounted for.

Thanks again for doing these tours!


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷKeyƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ said...

Hi Mavie, like I told you through gmail chat I've already got on Sunday Rising Shadow and I'm reading. Please take note that I'm not in the Leaving Gee's Bend tour so I'm not expecting that book.

Thanks for everything!


Kathrin said...

Hi girls, I am not sure whether you got my mail regarding "Taken By Storm". That one is in my possession and I can send it on as soon as I have the address of the next person. :-)
Thanks for everything!

Ladybug said...

Hi Kathrin,

sorry for butting in but if you visit the tour page for your book you can find the person next on the tour there. Take a look at the comment section and I'm sure you'll find the email to the person next on the list there.

I just contacted the person next on me on the tour today because I haven't received an address from IBT.

I hope everything is alright with you girls!

Alexandra said...

What happened to this blog??

GABY said...

Hello mavie,

I am not sure if you have received my emails about "Sing Me To Sleep"? I got it (5/20) and I am ready to send it to the next person. I just need the address :D

Maria Guajardo

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