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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check-In (1)

Check-In is a new meme that IBT will be starting. Each Saturday or Sunday, we will have a check-in post. This check-in post will include all the current tours, in case some of you guys missed some of the posts, who has the book for the tour, updates in the blog, anything in general. This is just so you guys know what's going on.

In General:
IBT is off to a great start! We have 5 tours so far, and will have a lot more posted in the future.

Current Tours:
-One-Book Tours-
Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White
Rising Shadow by Jacquelyn Wheeler
Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

-Two-Book Tours-
Impossible by Nancy Werlin

-Three-Book Tours-

Make sure you guys comment if your interested in any book(s)!

People who currently have a book (for a tour) in their possession:
Since IBT just started posting tours, no one has received a book yet. Maybe in a few weeks from now.

IBT has just made a new twitter account! Our user name is intbooktours. Please follow us! We tweet every time we have a new tour up, this way, you can stay updated too!

Blog Button:
Charlotte from The Book on the Hill was kind enough that she offered to make IBT a blog button!

<center><a href=<center><a href=""><img src="" /></a></center>

It's plain and simple, which IBT wants.

She also was so creative that she had an idea of making a button saying "My book is on tour with International Book Tours." This button, she made for authors. Here's how it looks like:

<center><a href=""><img src="" /></a></center>

This one, it's almost the exact the same thing except for the different background color and the words on the top. The IBT crew loves both of them. Thank you so much to Charlotte! Please feel free to grab the button(s)!

Other Important Info:
-To all members, readers, and participants, when tours start, you will need mailing addresses, deadlines for when you need to send the book, etc.. If you ever have personal questions, or questions about the works of a tour, guidlines, please email ibtcoordinator at gmail dot com. That email is the one who you will be communicating with/to all the time. The email, internationalbooktours at gmail dot com is for bloggers/publishers/publicsits/authors who want to donate a book, authors wanting to be interviewed, feedback, or if you want to talk to the IBT FOUNDER. Please make sure you use the right email. It makes things easier for the IBT crew.

If your wondering why we use two emails, it's because we are two people who manage this book tour blog. By meaning two people, sisters. We go online the same time and we cannot use the same email at the same time. We also need one main email and one email that organizes and coordinates the tours (mailing addresses). We hope this is okay with all of you guys.

You might want to know that: A lot of posts has a contact information part. Whatever email is written there, is the email you should use if you have a question regarding to the post. Hope that helps!

-People have been putting their book blog URL in the Mr. Linky's under each post. Please do not put in your blog URL! This is just for people who have reviewed the book. If they do have a review of the book, they must put the direct link.

A message from IBT:

Your opinion:
We want to know what you guys think of IBT so far. Are we doing well? Is the tour set-up okay? Is it easy to navigate in this blog? Is there anything confusing? We accept any feedback! IBT wants to know what you guys think! We want to know from our members so we can improve the blog more. If you have any feedback, please comment, or if this is something a bit more personal or either a concern that maybe is best if it is private, then please email us at internationalbooktours at gmail dot com. Thanks!

We hope that this new post/meme, Check-In, will help you guys get more updated with IBT!


Sarah said...

I think you've both done a fab job with this blog :o) I'm really looking forward to taking part in some of the tours!

I think everything seems quite straightforward so far but I was wondering about what we do when we've reviewed the books & sent them on to their next destination. Should we link our reviews in the tour sign up page or are there going to be seperate places for reviews?

I'm sure this will become clear when you've started the first tour but it was something I was curious about :o)

The Bookologist said...

Sarah- Thanks for all the feedback! If you notice, there are Mr Linky's under each book tour post. That's where you link your review. If you have any other questions, email or comment away!

IBT Co-Founder
P.S. Sorry for using my main book blog account. (The Bookologist)

GABY said...

I think you are doing great!! :D

Ladybug said...

I agree with both Gaby and Sarah =) Great initiative!

lanna-lovely said...

I concur with what everyone has said already, you're doing great so far. :]

I'm going to add the button to my book blog.

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