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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Check-In (2)

Check-In is a weekly post every Saturday or Sunday. This check-in post will include all the current tours, in case some of you guys missed some of the posts, who has the book for the tour, updates in the blog, anything in general. This is just so you guys know what's going on.

In General:
Yes, we know, the whole IBT crew was down this week. Sorry about that! Although, we have chosen the participants for (4) tours already. The Forget-Her-Nots, SING, Rising Shadow, and Impossible tour. Check that out, check if your on it! We will be sending out emails soon, hopefully.

Current Tours: Rising Shadow tour-
  1. Sarah- England
  2. Lynsey- England
  3. Mari- Norway
  4. Sheree- Australia
  5. Keysha- Panama
Impossible tour-
  1. Nina- Netherlands
  2. Mari- Norway
  3. Rhiana- UK
  4. Lynsey- UK
  5. Sarah- England
  6. Alaine- Australia
SING tour(s) -
U.S. and Canada tour
  1. Haley
  2. Jenn
  3. Laurie
  4. Alyssa
  5. Maura (Canada)
  1. Mariana- Mexico
  2. Sharline- Costa Rica
  3. Maria-Venezuela
  4. Jo-England
  5. Sarah-England
  6. Alanna-Scotland
  7. Mari-Norway
  8. Rhiana- UK
  9. Sheree-Australia
Forget-Her-Nots tour-
  1. Jennifer- Philippines
  2. Sheree- Australia
  3. Alaine- Australia
  4. Rebecca- New Zealand
  5. Nina- The Netherlands
  6. Mari- Norway
  7. Jo- England
  8. Sarah- England
  9. Lynsey- England
  10. Sasha- England
Hopefully someone will get a book soon!

Remember, we made a new twitter! Please follow us! User- intbooktours. Link- We will follow you back!

Other Info:
- We have been getting some requests for tours lately, we will have a lot more up!
- People have been still putting their book blog URL in the Mr Linky's, PLEASE DO NOT! It makes it harder for us, since we are going to have to delete one every time.

Anything else?
Any other questions please comment below and check back a day after, hopefully we will see your comment an give you an answer. Or, if you want to email, email your question to ibtcoordinator at gmail dot com. Have a great week!


Sarah said...

Ooooh I'm so excited to be taking part in these tours!! I'm really looking forward to reading these books :o)

Hope you're both feeling better soon!

oO Mariana Oo said...

That´s awesome, Im really excited ^^ Thanks!

Ladybug said...

When can we expect to hear from you about the books we have offered to donate? :)

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