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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Check-In (5)

Check-In is a weekly post every Saturday or Sunday. This check-in post will include all the current tours, in case some of you guys missed some of the posts, who has the book for the tour, updates in the blog, anything in general. This is for the all the members, in case you don't know what's going on.

In General:
We are so sorry for not posting a Check-In last week! We hope and will try our best that it won't happen again. Having said that, we now have 70 members! The google form now has 70 sign-ups. Thank you to all!

We are updated with check-lists.. so with all the tour sign-ups that are closed, we already sent an email to everyone.

Reviewers who have a book in their possession/where book is:
Sing Me To Sleep USA/CANADA- Laurie sent it to Alyssa but still hasn't gotten it. According to DC, arrived in P.O Box though.

Sing Me To Sleep International- Mariana sent it to Sharline on March 17, it's in the mail also.

My Invented Life - Amanda-Lee sent it to Tasha on March 19, it is in the mail.

Shade- Owners of IBT (Reggie & Mavie) sent it to Alaine on March 15, again, it's still in the mail.

Rising Shadow- Lynsey

Taken By Storm International- Cat

Basically, all the books are in the mail. For all the other tours, we have forwarded the first person's addy to the authors/donators, some already have sent it, some have not. We are only posting the tours of which someone already has received the book.

Current Tours:

New Tours (since 2 weeks ago):

We updated our twitter! Follow us @intbooktours.

  • No one is putting their blog URL on the Mr. Linky's anymore! Thank you to all of you guys for following instructions! We really appreciate it.
  • We need more book donations so if your willing to donate.. please send an email to internationalbooktours at gmail dot com

Anything else?
Any other questions please comment below and check back a day after, hopefully we will see your comment an give you an answer. Or, if you want to email, email your question to ibtcoordinator at gmail dot com. Have a great week!


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